Corvette Club of America Philanthropy

Each year the Corvette Club of America selects worthy charitable organizations to benefit from our events and programs held throughout the year.

The National Corvette Museum


The National Corvette Museum celebrates the Corvette’s invention, and the preservation of the legendary automobile’s past, present, and future. The museum serves as an educational and research model for all to enjoy. In 2012 the Corvette Club of America joined the NCM One Acre Club supporting the development of a planned “world class” motorsports park at the NCM. More about the NCM.

Traffic Safety Education Foundation


The Traffic Safety Education Foundation’s mission is to educate new drivers, parents, educators and children of all ages about the deadly problems associated with distracted driving and other important traffic safety issues. The Corvette Club of America is honored to be able to support Andy Pilgrim in his efforts and we encourage you to support his foundation as well.

The Wells/Robertson House


The Wells/Robertson House program provides transitional housing for homeless men and women undergoing alcohol/drug treatment who wish to break the cycle of homelessness and addiction. The residents have up to two years to establish and maintain their recovery and locate permanent housing. Wells/Robertson House is the only facility of this kind in Montgomery County and one of only two in Maryland. The house is owned and operated by the City of Gaithersburg and is under the Human Service Division.

Hospice Caring, Inc.


Hospice Caring Inc. provides free practical and emotional support to individuals and families in Montgomery County facing life-threatening illness or grieving a loss. A nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization, Hospice caring provides one-on-one non-medical services.

Corvette Club of America, Engineering Student Award Fund – University of Maryland at College Park


Corvette Club of America Student Award Fund was established January 1999. The funds are invested and with the growth of funds, the income shall be used to provide annual support for student awards in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering in the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

Maryland Chapter, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


Corvette Club of America member, Don Haller rode his bicycle 100 miles in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Nevada and raised over $5,000 to help victims, survivors and families of Leukemia and Lymphoma. The Corvette Club of America sponsored his campaign for $200.